Art of Healing (Apr. 3-May 3)

Art provides the ability to capture a moment or memories of different aspects of mental health and healing. Siy Gallery sought works that illuminate the power of narrative artwork as a tool for challenging stigma and discrimination associated with this cause. This is work that shows the artists’ ingenuity, talent, heart, and perception of mental illness.

The “Art of Healing” photography exhibition will begin on April 3rd, 2021. By putting the spotlight on artists who raise awareness of issues surrounding mental illness through their work, ‘The Art of Healing’ photography show will elevate the public’s awareness of mental illness. An exhibition of selected artists illuminates the power of narrative art as a tool for challenging stigma and the discrimination associated with mental illness. This exhibition will focus on photographs of various types of artwork which could include sculpture, painting, printmaking and traditional photography all captured in photograph that convey compelling visual narratives by artists.

Available online and in the windows of the gallery: 1026 Folsom St, San Francisco

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