I use a variety of media and strategies is to explore human perception and meaning making. Each of the tiles below links to a different body of work, each rooted in particular media and representing a phase of my development as an artist.

Challenging the Norm (Apr 6 – May 31)
With artistic methods, narrative or color application, the artists in this group exhibition are pushing the envelope as they “Challenge the Norm.”
Galleries Art Fair COEX 2024 (Apr 4-7)
Galleries Art Fair, Korea’s very first art fair, was established in 1979 to promote Korean works of art to the public and develop the art ...
Shared Thought (Mar 6-May 5)
Dive into the cutting-edge realm of AI-infused creativity. Explore the fusion of art and technology through captivating 2D and 3D works. Animating De Rigeur
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