Orange Cone Project

In October 2011, Beijing Charlie and I (appearing in the video below as critical theorist and post-modern deconstructionist, Andrew White) arrived in the village of Johnson, the site of the Vermont Studio Center, for a month at this artist and writer residency. Johnson was a mess. All the streets and sidewalks were being replaced. There were mud puddles and orange cones everywhere guiding pedestrians and cars through this quagmire. The first day crossing the Lamoille River bridge to his writing office, Charlie spied one of the lost orange cones in the river. Initially further irritated by the impact of the construction project, he paused and considered. This is a community of creative visual and literary artists. If we conceptualize this god-awful cone as an art installation—and tell people that is what it is—does it become transformed into ART? Watch the video, visit the site and decide for yourself

Chaos and Order in Johnson Vermont

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